Jessica's Story

Below is an excerpt from Jessica's blog which we stumbled across. We have received her permission to share this real, unedited story about the StartNOW program (this experience is from the 2010-11 season, please note that the program pricing has changed to a single price, not per lesson, and the program is now only for first time snowsport participants).

SKIING! Thanks to Park City's StartNOW Program

"One thing which I am incredibly grateful for which helped me to enjoy this last winter more than any before it was Park City Mountain Resort's StartNOW program. After discovering this extraordinary program, I wish I could stand on my rooftop and yell out to the whole state of Utah to let all Utah residents know about it and how wonderful it is! 

I've wanted to learn to ski for a while, but couldn't ever justify the money it would take, especially when I feel I would need to go a few times close together to really make progress. But through this program, I was able to go skiing four times this winter and took two lessons! Danny was almost more excited about the program than I was, as he loves skiing and wants me to learn to love it too so we can spend a lifetime skiing together. But we had so much fun going together, and it was great to see how I felt I improved each time, especially with the lessons. Definitely more natural for me than snowboarding was!"