Tips for Success!

You've got questions, we've got answers. Scroll through this list of frequently asked questions and you should be covered. Feel free to send additional questions to pcmrinfo@pcmr.com.


Program Restrictions:

  • What do I need to prove Utah residency?
    - At time of check-in, you will need to provide one of the following: a Utah Drivers License, Utah State ID or Primary Tax Bill and for children, either a Student ID or parents’ Utah Drivers License
  • Can I start the program again next year if I forget everything?
    - StartNOW is for never-ever skiers or snowboarders.
  • I am living here for the winter but just don’t have the right proof of residency – why can I not participate?
    - You must have a Utah Drivers License, Utah State ID or Primary Tax Bill to participate.
  • I want to take the StartNOW class but have friends visiting who want to take the never ever class – can’t we all be in the program together?
    - No, StartNOW lessons are for Utah residents only.
  • Can I switch between skiing and snowboarding?
    - No, StartNOW is only available to people who have never skied or snowboarded before.
  • I already know how to ski or snowboard, can I sign with StartNOW to learn the other discipline?
    - No, StartNOW is only available to people new to winter snow sports.

  • How do I register for lessons?
    - StartNOW lessons must be reserved all at the same time by calling 800.545.8112.
  • Can I be on a wait list?
    - We do not have a wait list for StartNOW.
  • Why can I not book lessons the day before?
    - We set our instructor’s schedules according to lessons booked and we need 5 days to ensure instructor availability.
  • Why do you have blackouts?
    - We have extremely limited blackouts for the StartNOW program, with the only ones being during Christmas/New Years and President’s Week.
  • Why don’t you offer more classes?
    - We do offer a wide variety of classes, see our Ski and Snowboard School page for all of the options.
  • Why do the classes all start in the afternoon?
    - By starting in the afternoon, there is more time for participants to get equipment and get to the slopes.
  • Why do the adult and kids lessons end at different times?
    - This allows the parents to pick up their children and have a chance to make a run or two with them before the end of the day to see their progress.
  • Why can’t I be in the same class as my kids?
    - Youth and Adults have different learning levels based on cognitive and motor development.
  • There are 6 kids in my family – why can’t you let them all be in one class?
    - We set our maximum number of students @ 5 for a couple of reasons. We don't want to compromise the overall success of the students in the class.
  • Can you guarantee that we will all be in the same class?
    - We cannot guarantee that, but if everyone arrives at the same time, we will do our best to try and make this happen for you.
  • Only 2 of my kids took the lessons last year but I have another who wants to learn this year – can they all do the classes together again?
    - No only the child who has not taken lessons would be eligible for the StartNOW program.

  • Can I get upgraded equipment?
    - No. The equipment we provide is designed to enhance the experience for beginners.
  •  Are helmets included with the rentals?
    - In a continued effort to maximize the safety and well-being of our Ski and Snowboard School guests, we are requiring all participants 17 years old and younger to wear a helmet. For those guests 17 years old and younger, a helmet will be included.
  •  Where can I rent clothing/goggles?
    - We don’t rent clothing or goggles but you can purchase these items at Legacy Sports located in Legacy Lodge.
  • Where do we go to get our rentals/tickets/lessons?
    - Park City Mountain Rentals in the downstairs of the Legacy Lodge
Lift Tickets:

  • How do I pay for return lessons? 
    - The entire StartNOW program payment is due at time of booking so you will not be charged again for any of the 2-5 day lessons.

  • Why do I have to come and sign paperwork for my kids?
    - To cover liability for rentals
  •  Why don’t you have a place for parents to watch the kids?
    - Because kids do learn at the different skill levels they may go higher up on the mountain